REMINDER: Requirements for Fumigated Railcars

Jan 10, 2019

BNSF has experienced an increase in boxcars being rejected for expired fumigation placards left on railcars after unloading. In accordance with the BOE-6000 tariff, BNSF permits railcars to be fumigated by shippers, however, there are tariff requirements that apply as a condition of using these fumigants. These procedures must be followed by shippers as well as the receivers of the treated cars:

  • Cars offered to BNSF for transportation must have the proper markings related to fumigation completely filled out and affixed before release.
  • United States domestic shipping instructions submitted via should have a special car handling instruction of "FP" (Fumigation Placards Applied) selected.
  • All bills of lading for international shipments should indicate in the hazardous commodity section several key elements:
    • Date of fumigation
    • Type of fumigant used
    • Amount of fumigant used
    • Instructions for disposal of any residual fumigant
  • Always follow the manufacturer's recommended safety instructions when using a fumigant.
  • Use approved placards that can be easily removed by the unloading party.

Further, upon arrival at destination, all consignees are REQUIRED to:

  • Properly ventilate the railcar.
  • Remove any materials used for fumigation.
  • Remove affixed markings from BOTH sides of the railcar.

The above steps, following unloading of the railcar, must be done to comply with BNSF Rules Book 6100, Item 3250. Consignees are obligated to unload railcars completely, and only release equipment in a condition suitable for reloading by another shipper. Cars discovered with fumigant markings still applied after release empty will be subject to a $500 penalty per car.

Please reach out to your customers/receivers to remind them of these requirements.

BOXCAR CUSTOMERS: To assist in communication, please download and attach this document to your shipment at a location visible to unloaders when they open the door:

MN Recordatorio - Requerimientos para furgones que sean fumigados.pdfMN Recordatorio - Requerimientos para furgones que sean fumigados.pdf

Your business is important to us. Thank you for choosing BNSF as your transportation service provider.